New childcare centre coming to South Town

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Grow Active Early Learning Centre is coming to South Town. Established in 2017 by a group of business partners and friends with various skills in childcare, business and construction, Grow Active is an early learning centre with a real difference. With a combined passion to enrich the lives of children whilst providing a space for them to learn, discover and grow, Cathy Sherwood, Claire Rolls, Rob Farrell and Sam Rofe have ensured that their new centre in South Town will be an absolute haven for small children. Due to be opened in early 2019, Grow will sit right across the road from The Welder, meaning easy drop-offs and pick-ups for parents, and a bright new population for South Town.

A New Approach

Grow Active Early Learning Centre revolves around the concepts of sustainability, healthy nutrition, active learning and spaces that stimulate young minds, where the value of trusting and positive relationships are a foundation for creating a life-long love of learning.


Children who come here will be provided with the simple knowledge of what sustainability looks like, and how it can play out in day to day life. Recycled timber throughout the building is just one aspect where values coincide with reality, and Grow Active Early Learning Centre aims to continually show children just how possible this is. Encouragement is given to learn about environmental and conservation issues, wise water usage, power saving, recycling, worm farming, vegetable gardening, waste minimisation and holding every living thing in positive regard. In an effort to show what a circular nature pattern looks like, at Grow the children learn to recycle, re-use and reduce, and have plenty of fun collecting appropriate food scraps for the worm farm and then using the worm juice to fertilize the plants, vegetable and herb garden. 


Knowing the effects of a healthy, wholesome diet is something that Grow Active Early Learning Centre looks to teach young children right from day one. Bringing things back to basics, and ensuring that every meal prepared there is both nutritious and colourful, as well as safe and regulated (for those with dietary or allergy requirements) means that children learn how good food doesn’t always come in a packet. Processed and refined sugars are swapped out for fruit, honey and dates instead, and the onsite chef makes sure the menu is rotated regularly to keep children interested and to use what’s seasonal. A meal time is also more than just about what’s on your plate, so Grow makes sure to promote social interaction between children, teachers and families that are all part of the rich experience.

Find out more via the Grow Active Learning Centre website

James Stringer