Five Reasons it’s Time to Move out of Your Home Studio


We hear you makers, creators and designers – running a small business can be hard at first, and working from home sometimes feels like the only place to start. But let us assure you, moving into The Welder will bring you a whole lot more enthusiasm for starting small. Surrounded by other creative hardworking people, you’ll find an environment that’s super supportive in nature and professional in practice.

#1 Work/Life Balance

We all need a little balance in life, and separating work from play can be a very big step in achieving that. Moving out of your home studio and into The Welder means dividing those two very different parts of your daily routine, and you’ll surely thank us when you get home after a day’s work and don’t need to be on the laptop whilst eating dinner. Let home become your relaxing space once more, and leave work at work.

#2 Professional Space

If you’re currently hosting business-related visitors in your lounge, you may just need to rethink the professional part of your business which means choosing a smart and sophisticated place to meet and greet your future clientele. Make space for the business part of your life by proudly introducing newcomers to your spot in The Welder, where if they’re not impressed by the beautiful building, they’re sure to be impressed by what you’re offering.

#3 Connectivity

Working from home sure can get lonely, and all those hours spent tucked up labouring on your new endeavor can mean long days without any human interaction. Open plan spots in The Welder bring an effortlessly collaborative atmosphere, where you’ll fuel the creative fire simply by being around other people who are on the same page.

#4 Networking

Networking opportunities are aplenty here too, you just never know who you might meet on a typical day at work. The constant exhibition openings, events and talks are other times you might just rub shoulders with someone important, so be sure to make the most of all The Welder has to offer.

#5 Support

The Welder will build strong artisan business relationships within Christchurch, but only with the help of its tenants. If you’re wanting to be a part of the next big push to support local boutique businesses, then apply now, we’re waiting for you!

James Stringer