South Town is the latest part of Christchurch to start seeing some life thrust back into it. If you're a business owner keen to be part of the action in the central city, then south of Tuam Street is the place to be. Here’s five reasons why you need to move to South Town...

1. Transport links

A stone’s throw from the central bus exchange means South Town is an ideal location for setting up shop for commuters that are travelling from far and wide. The bus exchange aka ‘Central Station’ has the capacity to cater for up to 18,000 passengers a day, and with population and public transport growth, this number will rise to 70,000 a day by 2041 (that’s a lot of foot traffic!).

For those of your customers who may find it hard to part with their vehicle, South Town has heaps of on street parking too at a very affordable $3.10 an hour (thanks Christchurch City Council!) as well as short stay parks.

2. New developments

New buildings, apartment blocks and cycle lanes are popping up before our very eyes, enticing more and more people back into the central city. We’re particularly excited about the developments in South Town to be unveiled over the next year, including the Atlas Quarter, a living community featuring 191 apartments and terraced housing

(http://www.fletcherconstruction.co.nz/projects/commercial/welles-street-atlas-quarter), the Innovation Precinct and the Health Precinct.

3. Established hospitality venues  

We’re lucky to have a few established hospitality staples in South Town, drawing legions of customers into the area. Our favourites include the newly opened bar ‘Welles Street’ and Supreme Supreme who have a loyal following due to their laid back friendly atmosphere and outstanding food and coffee.

Grain Coffee & Eatery will quickly become your new local once you’ve tried their expertly brewed espresso and scones (which are are talk of the town). You can thank these guys for adding a young and fresh vibe to the otherwise nondescript Southwark Street.

Another top pick is The Anchorage over on Walker Street. Here they roast their own coffee and serve up espresso from roasters around the world. This places sees no shortage of coffee drinkers during the week.

4. Shopping

There’s no denying it’s hard work both planning meals and buying ingredients for the week when you’re also managing a business. However, South Town now holds two major supermarkets as well as the smaller grocery store Yogiji’s, meaning a lunch break can now double as a time to grab your ingredients for the week, and what’s not to love about that?

While you’re at it, if you’re in the market for an overseas trip, a haircut or a gift for a mate, then the South City Shopping Centre has a heap of options under one roof, meaning those sometimes niggly jobs can quickly become an easy option in your weekly routine.

5. City buzz

Relocating to South Town means you’re a whole lot closer to that inner city buzz that is the beating heart of Christchurch. Awe-struck tourists, busy business people, young families and school kids all make up the colourful crowd that flocks to the inner parts of town for one reason or another. There’s also a constant stream of students in the area thanks to Ara and the Broadcasting School.

What is South Town?

South Town is a little term we coined ourselves to describe the part of Christchurch that includes Tuam Street and Moorhouse Ave, bookended by Metro Sports Centre on Montreal Street and Ara on Madras Street. Take a look at our diagram here ...

What is The Welder?

At The Welder we are offering boutique, artisan spaces for companies and creatives that know what it is to ignite the soul, the heart and the mind, and with a mix of hospitality, retail and wellness studios, they are generating exactly that.

If you’re in the market for a space for your studio, shop, pop up, café or health and wellness centre, then get in touch with James at Box 112 and he’ll happily show you through The Welder.

James Stringer


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James Stringer